FY 23 Budget FAQ's

    What new programs or initiatives are included in this budget proposal?

    This is a very exciting budget proposal as it includes funding for:

    • Creation of the CRESS department
    • Creation of the DEI department
    • Funding to purchase a new ladder truck for the Fire/EMS Department
    • Funding to purchase a new ambulance for Fire/EMS Department
    • Increased funding for sustainability initiatives
    • Funding to replace the gym floor at Crocker Farm Elementary School

    What programming reductions are being proposed?

    No programming reductions are proposed for FY 23. There are some adjustments to align budgets with anticipated expenditure levels and to reallocate funding from one department to another.

    How does this budget proposal affect my property taxes?

    This proposal operates within the allowable 2.5% increase to the tax levy. It does not require an override which is an increase above and beyond the normal amount. The exact tax rate will not be determined until the end of the calendar year and is dependent upon additional factors such as new development in Town.

    How can I get involved and/or voice my opinion on this budget proposal?

    There are multiple ways to get involved. First, you may want to check the budget calendar which can be found here. This outlines when different departments will be reviewed by Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will hold a formal public hearing on the entire budget on May 16th. You may want to attend one of these meetings and share your thoughts. Other ways include visiting the Town’s website Engage Amherst to submit questions and share your feedback that will be responded to in a timely fashion or participating in other public events that will be posted on the Town wide calendar related to the budget. 

    You can also always email the Town Council at towncouncil@amherstma.gov or the Town Manager at townmanager@amherstma.gov.

    When will the budget be discussed at a public meeting?

    The budget proposal is being presented to the Town Council on May 2nd . Other important dates can be found on the budget calendar.

    How do I propose a project for funding?

    The Town accepts capital project proposals from residents. The window for submitting requests is closed for this year but will open up again in the Fall. The Town Manager is open to suggestions and proposals throughout the year.

    The Town Manager is recommending an elementary school budget that is different than what was voted by the School Committee. What happens now?

    The budget voted by the School Committee requests a higher appropriation than specified by the budget guidelines of the Town Council. Under the Town Charter, the Town Council shall not increase any item in the Town Manager’s proposed budget unless otherwise authorized by the general laws. Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71, §34, the Town Council does have authority to increase the amounts proposed by the Town Manager for the school district budget upon the recommendation of the School Committee. However, this requires a two-thirds vote of the Town Council. The Town Manager will bring the School Committee’s budget request to the attention of the Town Council, whatever is voted by the School Committee.